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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bargain Gardener

A few little bargains this week...

Every gardener does needs a good pair of gloves! I couldn't resist purchasing some marked down. The brown are full leather and the blue/white are part leather. Both will come in handy when I tackle the bramble and hedges. One does need a bit of glove choice for the multitude of garden jobs.
Above: £3.50 (5.60 USD) for a pruning saw - too good to pass up. I snapped mine in half last year so hope I'm luckier with this one.
99p (1.50 USD) for three Echinacea plants - a bargain. At the bottom left of the picture, some of the root and growth from one of the plants is showing. Hope this summer they look as good as the picture.
I've always wanted Red Hot Poker in the garden. When I saw a pack of three for 99p I couldn't pass it by.

I've got to stay away from the shops!
But then again, my digging fork cracked in half this week.


  1. I think you are developing a bad case of Spring is common this time of the year!

  2. Some great bargains there. I love both Echinacea and Kniphofia, hope they grow well for you.

  3. Your post reminds me why I try not to visit the Garden Centre too frequently!

    What I need is a bargain (but good value) pair of secateurs. They seem to come in only two types - cheap and nasty, and good but extortionately-priced.

  4. I love your glove must have a bit of style and color when gardening!

  5. Hi Kelli,
    Yes ..... if you go to a gardencenter is a great temptation to buy.
    But you have practical things bought.
    If I go to a garden center with a list of four plants, I always come home with eight, hi, hi,
    So I'm also go not too often to the gardencenter.
    Dear greetings from a brrr. Netherlands, Elly

  6. I have to make myself stay away from the gardening centers! You look like you made some good purchases! I would love to have those echinaceas!

  7. Cool bargains. You will love the Red Hot Poker. I had mine given to me, so I brought them to the new garden when we moved. They will grow nicely and will need to be divided eventually. Only down side, for as beautiful as they, they don't last nearly long enough. cheers. ann

  8. It's amazing how quickly gloves wear out.
    Strange to have gardening bargains at this time of year when everything is just starting off, but perhaps they had old stock to get rid of.

  9. What fun, I love bargains, especially garden ones! Those seeds I featured at the home show? That was less than HALF what they actually had on display! What fun!