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Monday, 7 March 2011

Tulips emerging

Frost covered tulips... this past week presented frosty mornings over 4 or 5 days. The forecast this week is 'wintry' - lets hope its not too wintry!

I eagerly watch the tulips emerging. I've only a few tulips in pots as my clay soil isn't the best conditions for them. Above photo taken 3 March 2010.
Below: Same tulips as above (last month); photo taken 5 Feb 2010.
Above: shop bought tulips (I got a little impatient waiting for mine to grow). Tulips are so lovely.
I had a little house guest from other shop bought flowers.

New Gardening Channel Update (UK/Ireland) - The new Horticultural Channel on Sky Channel 166 / 402 Freesat, aired on 6th March 2011. 'Grow Your Own' magazine March 2011 had printed, "The Horticultural Channel will air round-the-clock gardening tips from March 6...". Hmmm, 'round the clock' (to me means 24 hours?). So I was a little disappointed about the 1/2 hour programme every 2 weeks. Oh well, better than no programme. It was a good half hour watch; did anyone else see it?


  1. Oh I cannot wait to see your tulips bloom. I like to plant some tulip bulbs this autumn. However, I am a bit worried that we don't have much cold weather to provide for them.

  2. I didn't get chance to tune in to the new channel yesterday so missed it unfortunately. Your tulips are ahead of mine.

  3. I love tulips! Mr Bok brought some home from the florist for me tonight...surprising to see them this time of year over here. They always grow so much in the vase! Always find that amazing.

  4. I love the way that cut tulips flowers in a vase go bendy and refuse to sit tight in the way you "arrange" them. I'm sure they continue to grow as well, even after they are cut.

  5. I love tulips. Unfortunately, they don't grow here. :( Every once in a while, there will be someone that has moved here from up north try - but it doesn't last long. I hope your 'wintry' days don't harm your beautiful tulips.

  6. Wish we could have tulips here in Florida. I buy them in pots,too, but they don't last very long. Can't wait to see your blooming tulips posted on your blog!

  7. I love tulips but they don't last too long either in the garden or the vase!Some years ago we had fields of tulips just outside the city, when they were grown for the bulbs it was fantastic each Spring to see the different colours stretching out over the fields. I would love to visit Holland in Spring.
    I tuned in a few times during the day but did not catch the programme, what time did it air?

  8. My tulips are a month away, so I bought a bunch from the super market. patience. I'll enjoy yours. cheers. ann

  9. Hi Peggy, it seems the Horticultural Channel is only every other Sunday 9am-9.30am; next one 20 March. But then we have BBC Gardener's World to look forward to from this Friday night with Monty etc.

    Thanks for everyone's comments!