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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Blogger's Bloom Day

It's the 15th of the month - Blogger's Bloom Day. And ten days to Christmas!

Left is one of my favourite plants this time of year - Poinsettia. I buy a poinsettia every Nov for the holidays.

Below is a snapshot of the last bit of colour in the garden...
A few roses are still in bloom. Let's just say they aren't looking their best (the plants look rather cold). Normally I would give the  hybrid tea roses a rather hard cut in December, but I haven't bothered.
There are still some Malope blooms but the plants aren't looking too great. This is a hardy annual so surely it won't last much longer.
These primula  look a bit battered.
The topiary azalea plant is in bloom. This was a gift a year or two ago from a friend.
The Irish heather is going strong!
Even some snapdragon are still flowering. These are hardy annuals so shouldn't last much longer.

Calendula Orange King, a hardy annual, struggling on, but almost finished.

Prolific flowering at the minute - Broccoli '(Autumn) 'Green Calabrese'. 

My first year growing broccoli and I didn't manage to eat much broccoli as the plants always seem to want to flower. And they're still flowering!

Happy  December 


  1. Lovely flowers even after all the weather you have had.

  2. You have many Christmas colour flower! How nice that you have many fresh cut flowers for this festive season.

  3. You can always rely on heather can't you?

    I'm not sure that you're allowed a poinsettia in a blooms list though :)

  4. I'm envious, you still have some colour. Everything is grey, grey, grey here, well except for my poinsetta inside.

  5. It's amazing that summer bedding is still flowering so near to Christmas. Surely they can't go on much longer, can they?

  6. Very cool...
    Always interesting to see how other "islanders" garden. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Looks like you still have plenty of colour in your garden, considering that it's December. This time last year you were probably under two feet of snow!

  8. Kellie, I never realized that N. Ireland had such a mild climate that you still have such robust color in your garden. I, too, love poinsettias. I always buy two bright red ones, but I love the color of yours. I always wait until early spring to cut back the roses.

  9. My goodness Kelli, you still have some pretty color around your gardens! My heather is blooming too. How does one tell if you have Scottish or Irish variety? :)

  10. You really do still have lots of colour in your garden! Lovely! I do enjoy Poinsettia, they give a wonderfully Chrismassy" feel this time of year.
    Happy GBBD :)

  11. Lovely post...just love that pink Heather!

  12. Kelli, have you ever tried to keep a poinsettia from one year to the next? It's a challenge I set myself every year. I haven't managed it yet, but heigh-ho I've just been given my annual poinsettia present. Is it time to try again?
    I'm amazed how much you still have flowering in your garden!

  13. Hi Kelli,
    You have lots of color in your garden still, and I found that quite surprising since I know you have had a little snow and some fierce winds. Lovely flowers, all.

  14. Hi kelli, I am amazed at the amount of colour in your garden even if it is a bit battered!I have kept a poinsetta up to March but either I or it lost interest after that and it died but it is a Christmas plant,it would lose its appeal if it flowered all the year round?

  15. Thanks for your comments. I'm suprprised too that annuals are still blooming. Suppose the weather has been mild-ish. Surely hardy annuals won't last much longer!

    Jenni, I'm not too sure the difference between Irish and Scottish heather. I think the ones I bought years ago were from a local grower so I assume 'Irish'. I bought plants approx 2 by 3 inches are not about 2 feet wide now!

    Janet / Peggy,I try to keep the poinsettia growing healthy indoors each year (after the holidays). Last year it survived to Spring but then was losing too many leaves so I gave up. Its a great plant for Nov-Jan.

  16. Oh you have plenty of blooms yet, looks like you're not in deep winter yet, like the rest of them.