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Thursday, 22 December 2011

First Day of Winter & Potatoes

22nd December - the First Day of Winter. It always feels like Winter from November in Northern Ireland.

Photo taken Dec 2010.
I'm down to my last few Maris Peer potatoes which were dug up in Sept. My potato output was low this year. Might be enough to make Christmas day roasties but not enough for roasties and mash.

Potatoes are one of my favourite veg!

Will you be having roasted, mashed, baked or scalloped potatoes on Christmas day?



  1. My potato harvest was poor this year. The earlies which I grew in containers did really well but I hardly got any from the maincrop at the allotment. I'm only going to grow earlies next year and give the space at the allotment to something else. We'll be having roast and mashed potatoes with our Christmas dinner.

  2. Hi Kelly,

    I wish you and your family all good for Christmas and every happiness in the coming year.
    With a big hug and lots of greetings, Elly

  3. Its really wonderful that you be able to have your own home-grown potato for Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. That sunset photo is fabulous - it would make a good Christmas card. Just needs a V of geese flying South for the Winter in the middle of it!
    If you have any home-grown spuds on Christmas Day you'll be doing better than me. I only grow earlies and they are a distant memory by now. I will be having roasted parsnips though.

  5. For Christmas dinner we will have roast and mashed potatoes as well and tons of them.

  6. This first day of winter is a strange thing in meteorological terms winter is the three coldest months of the year which here is classed as December, January and February.
    Astronomically it is between the 21 and 22 December - the day with the shortest length of daylight hours.
    Then it depends on where you live as even in the northern hemisphere the time considered as winter id different. Either way I think of winter as when it is cold and dark and am glad when it is ending.

  7. Hi Kellie. We planted potatoes for the first time last year. We got a respectable harvest considering it was our first stab at potatoes. Yours look healthy and good. I have only a small number that I am saving for New Year's. I don't cook a Christmas meal. Your sunrise looks as cold as ours,though we will not see the sun today--in the middle of winter storm. A white Christmas, perhaps. Merry Christmas to you.

  8. Roast potatoes done in goose fat...not our own unfortunately!

  9. What a wonderful winter’s made me feel all wintery and in our current temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius that’s quite an achievement.
    We'll be having our own tatties roasted on Christmas Day. It's the last crop to be dug up but I'm hopeful it’s a bumper crop.
    Have a very Merry Christmas ;D

  10. I'm so impressed that you are still eating from your garden! My potatoes did not do well this year (the deer ate off all the tops). No potatoes at our dinner. We will have enough of everything else! Merry Christmas to you!

  11. Hi Kelli, I will be having mashed potatoes from the garden for Christmas dinner. I'm quite excited. The harvest yield was small so I've been saving them :) I also have some green onions and lettuces and radishes growing in the garden, so I'll be plucking those and seeing what I can use. Wishing you a Merry Christmas! Jenni

  12. That's very healthy looking potatoes! Have a joyoes Merry Christmas!