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Friday, 9 November 2012

Autumn Weekend Jobs

I've been making a list of things I need to do in the garden... the list gets longer and longer by the week. I'd love to put the garden to rest for Winter and not venture out until.... either a nice Autumn day or early Spring (March), however, there's still much to do.

So here's part of my 'to do' list and what I hope to get done over the weekend (weather permitting).
1. Rake and bag leaves. (Check leaves I bagged last year to see if broken down).
2. Harvest kale. (Harvest carrots too.)
3. Leave plants to self seed - like these Honesty.

4. Trim or tidy up shrubs. Cut down the old cordyline palm tree trunks (in the distance) - this has been on my list about a year now!
5. Make new plants out of grasses that have self seeded - see the baby bronze grasses at the far right of photo above?
Above and Below: I've already been digging up plants that have self seeded and potting them up for friends. I could probably supply a nursery!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. There's still lots to do isn't there but will it be dry enough to do anything?

  2. Wow! That's a lot of work. I've also made a list, but fortunately my garden is measly compared to yours. :) I'll have to get on it tomorrow morning. Good luck with your list!

  3. Hi Kelli, my second attempt to comment! Hope it goes through. Good luck on your tidying plans for the weekend (weather permitting)! I hope you have nice weather and get lots done; then you can rest well-pleased until the beauty of Spring arrives! Happy Gardening!

  4. As long as the weather holds, we can always find projects for the garden. It's a great idea to share excess plants. You always feel so good at the end of day's work in the garden.

  5. What lucky friends you have, being supplied with your surplus. I love honesty seed heads, my grandma always used to have a dried display of them in her house, so they remind me of her.

  6. My to do list is also very long. You have already potted up lots of plants to give to your friends. I do the same, but I still have to start. Raking leaves and trimming shrubs was my task of today and tidying up the greenhouse. I re-potted almost 60 Primula auriculas, what on earth should I do with so many plants....I suppose give them to gardening friends. Have a nice Sunday!

  7. Making a list of tasks is not something I often do - it's too depressing! I like to be out doing the things instead.... Perhaps I'm just too impatient? :)

  8. I am sure I will get round to everything eventually - it has been lovely here today and I still haven't been out to do anything. Tut Tut.