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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sunflower Bets

Will  it flower before its taken out by frost?

My nephew sowed a few sunflower seeds in a pot 
in late Summer (August). The sunflowers now look close to flowering. I'm wondering if they'll flower before the frost kills the plant. 
Should I bring the pot indoors!?! (why did I only think of this now - I'm off to bring the plant indoors!)

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  1. I hope it is n't one of those that grows ten feet tall

  2. The sunflower could live happily for some time in your conservatory, I think, as it won't get really cold there for some time probably. Hope it blooms....keep us posted!

  3. I'm sure the sunflower will make your home sunny in winter. Good luck, it's fun!

  4. Sunflowers are such hardy individuals and grow any where. It will be interesting to see if it likes the indoors.

  5. I think it will probably flower indoors, then you'll have it to brighten up the dreary winter months.