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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Seasonal Changes and Multiple Frosts

It's amazing how much things can change in the garden in a week or so! I suppose the multiple light frosts we've had throughout October and going into November add to the changes this time of year. 

Left & Below: This tree has gorgeous purple leaves in the Summer. In the Autumn it looks fantastic as the leaves turn a bronze colour before dropping. 

Variety: Copper Beech (I think but not 100%).
Above and Below: Photo taken approx a week apart. A week makes a big difference - the leaves soon drop and the Autumn colour begins to disappear, looking more Wintry.
Above and Below: Photo taken about a week apart. The pine tree is quickly going from green to yellow pine needles and needles are beginning to drop to the ground.
Above and Below: Photo taken approx a week apart  Not sure there's much noticeable change but seems the colour is disappearing e.g. the blue forget-me-nots, etc.

Above and Below: Last week the courgette / zucchini were still going strong; this week they've been zapped by frost and are pretty much finished.
The runner beans have been finished off by frost. 
Above: Kaffir Lily with Sedum Autumn Joy are slightly past their best (in my opinion) but still look lovely in the garden.
Below: Aster and 
Sedum Autumn Joy

Burrr, it was cold taking photos today!

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  1. We've only had a couple of very light frosts so far, so not much damage has been inflicted. My garden is now almost entirely green - "Brassica Green" mostly!

  2. Cooked and ate our last courgette too this week. Despite being a green variety it was yellow. Beans look the same as yours too!

  3. We still had dahlias on the plot on Thursday but I dare say they could have succumbed by now!

    It's strange as some trees are bare whereas others seem to be hanging onto their leaves and not even turning colour much yet

  4. Nature is changing very quick now. Some trees have lost all their leaves and others are still green. We had only one night frost, to much for the dahlias so I dug them up to store in the basement. Your Kaffir lilies still look great, they cannot stand frost I think?

  5. We had an overnight frost last night, but nothing too severe as yet. The colour of the tree in the first photo is gorgeous, true autumn colour, especially as the sun catches it.

  6. It is amazing how a week or so can make such a difference in the landscape!We often miss the changes, we are so busy! I loved the photos of your copper beech tree!

  7. Alas it is definitely all change in the garden. We had quite a severe frost last night, the fields were white over. Time to get the thermals on I think.