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Friday, 18 January 2013

Potato cakes - yum

Back in September I harvested a good quantity of potatoes. I was careful to store some for using in December for roasties. Having some left at Christmas, I stored them in a dark place  and hoped they'd be usable in January after my holiday travels.
Left: the last of my potatoes - in a bad state! 

Would you eat rooted potatoes? 

They were quite firm, but rooting. I decided to 'waste not' and use them. So I made mashed potatoes; then added egg, onion, salt/pepper, spices and cooked salmon and made a dozen salmon cakes (pictured below). Lightly fried, they tasted great!

Variety: I grew Pentland Javelin and Maris Peer potatoes, putting them in the ground around St Patrick's Day, and digging the bulk of them up in September.

Food photography isn't my forte but they tasted good and are relatively healthy! 
Bon Appétit!

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  1. You do yourself an injustice - that picture of the fishcake is great! Are those homegrown salad leaves too?

    1. Hi Mark, unfortunately I didn't grow the salad or the celery in the photo. If I was more organised I'd have salads growing under cloches! :)

  2. Wow they look great, I'm glad you had success with storing your potatoes I hope to do the same later on this year.

  3. I agree with Mark and they sound great. Can you freeze any as it would be another way of using your potatoes. I know supermarkets sell frozen mash etc.

  4. They look great and I bet really tasty! I have never added Salmon to potato cakes but will do so now. It sounds so good. I think your photo is good, too and the food presented in a very gourmet way!

  5. As long as they don't turn green, I eat them too. Look yummylicious.

  6. Yes we can eat rooted potatoes but no green ones. Your food looks delicious so I suppose it tastes also delicious.

  7. They look delicious. I would have eaten them, providing they hadn't gone soft.

  8. Hi Kelli, The salmon/potato cakes look fabulous! Good inspiration for my dinner tonight. I also still have potatoes left over from last summer's harvest. I've never heard of the varieties you mentioned. Last year, I grew Chieftain, Warba, Yukon Gem, and Purple Viking. I got the tubers from a place here in the USA called Irish Eyes Garden Seeds :-) I'm not sure that any of their seeds are Irish, or that they source any of their seed potatoes from Ireland, but I still shop there b/c I love the name :-) Sorry I couldn't reply to your message on my blog the other day - I can't figure out how :-/ I'm following your blog now, though!