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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Mid September Blooms

It's Blogger's Bloom Day and I've mostly pinks in the garden this month. I do like pinks and purples. Up at the community garden at Antrim Castle Salvia Purple Majesty is making a gorgeous display planted alongside Verbena - this is a combination I will have to introduce to my own garden (3rd photo shown below).

Here's a little tour of some of the blooms this month. The colours of summer are still showing in the garden, however, it won't be long until frost and things will change quite a bit. The bottom photo shows more Autumn looking colours with oranges and yellows.

Left: Two Echinacea plants were added to the garden this year.
L to R: Echinacea, Rose, Sedum Autumn Joy, Fushia Tom Thumb.
Above: Verbena planted with Salvia Purple Majesty at the Community Garden.
Above: Phlox, rose and leek flowers.
Below: Phlox.
Above and Below: The star plant for Autumn - Sedum Autumn Joy. I'm hoping to add  new varieties of sedum to the garden as they're such great plants and easy to divide and make new plants. 
L to R: Sunflower*, Nasturtium Tutti Frutti*, Crocosmia, Calendula* with Petunias. (* = grown from seed).

The 15th of each month is Blogger's Bloom Day hosted by May Dreams Gardens. If you'd like to see blooms from around the world click here.

Happy Blogger's Bloom Day!

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  1. I have noticed some leaves starting to just show signs of autumn tints

  2. That purple Echinacea is just like the one I hoped to get. The white one I ended up with is nowhere near as dramtic. Yours seem to be wearing little tiaras!

  3. Pretty in Pink! Lovely late summer blooms Kelli. I like the long row of Verbena in the community garden. I'm hoping to collect seeds from my own this year and growing them en masse like this is a great idea.
    Happy Bloom Day!

  4. Very pretty late summer blooms. The Echinacea does look like it is wearing little tiaras...Mark is very observant. Happy Blogger's Bloom Day!

  5. I think Echinacea is one of my favorite plants to grow. I don't know why exactly, but it just is right now. I'm also in love with the lollipop verbena that you pictured. The way it will blend with other summer blooms is really amazing! You have so many pretty blooms, Kelli! Happy GBBD!

  6. I love echinacea but have never grown it, I must put it on my wish list. Sedums are great plants, and the bees and butterflies love them too so that's a bonus.

  7. Beautiful! I love the little yellow ring of pollen on the coneflowers. It looks like a crown. :o)

  8. So lovely! I just love sedum Autumn Joy, because it attracts every butterfly in town.

  9. Sedums are just fantastic this time of year. I've also got Sedum 'Carl' which is a similar pink to 'Autumn Joy' and 'Purple Emperor' which has fantastically dramatic dark purple leaves and rich plum coloured flowers.

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