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Monday, 30 September 2013

Veg Update (Potatoes, Lettuces, Greens)

This year I grew two types of potato: Charlotte and Maris Peer. They were planted in April (rather than March because of the colder than usual Spring) and I generally leave them to it until such time I remember to dig them up. The green growth had died down a number of weeks ago; I tend to leave them in the ground awhile, just digging what I need. This year I grew them in containers, a raised veg box and a few directly in the ground. I didn't water them at all during the warm summer spell and and think the yield was ok.
Charlotte and Maris Peer potatoes should last through to December. I made potato soup at the weekend in the slow cook (potatoes, milk, water, cheese, herbs) - just ok. The recipe called for ham and that probably would have given it that extra flavour needed.  
Once again gardening magazines have tempted me with their free seeds, which I find hard to pass by. I've planted these during June, July and August with mixed results. I have never been able to get Pak Choi growing for some reason.
In June I sowed a range of seeds in my pop up greenhouse, and planted them out about  July/August. My plants look too close together, however, I can't bare pulling plants out so I might just leave this lot and see what happens. These plants were popular with the caterpillars over the past month but I think I've picked them all off (on numerous checks).  Plants include:
Coriander Cilantro - quick to flower.
Basil Red Rubin - huffing and not growing.
Kale Curly Scarlet - a few little plants in the middle.
Pea Kelvedon Wonder - huffing and have mildew.
Kale Nero di Toscana - the caterpillars has eaten much of this plant.
Kale Dwarf Green Curled - doing well and taking over much of the bed.
Calendula - for a bit of colour - they're still to flower (far left).
Kohl rabi Purple Vienna - my first success growing from seed!
Cabbage January King - does anyone know if they'll over winter without protection?

Happy Gardening!
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  1. That's a nice yield of potatoes! Your greens look pretty and I hope they do well...the curly Kale really looks good.

  2. I don't know how you can make Charlotte last into December! I harvest this one as a new potato in early July! The mixed greens / salads you describe will probably do OK unless we get another very cold Winter. The kale and cabbage certainly ought to be able to survive some very cold conditions. The Pak Choi, probably not.

  3. January King should over winter as long as you don't suffer wood pigeon attack

  4. That looks like a good potato harvest. I've given up growing in the ground as they always suffer such bad slug attack, but I've had a good yield from my containers. I seem to plant up more and more every year, the garden will soon be full of potato containers at this rate.

  5. Your potatoes look really good. How will you store them? We have dug most of ours. Right now I have them in bucket stored in the pantry, unwashed. They taste so much better than store ones. We planted Yukon gold--my favorite, red, and russet, which didn't do too well. Interesting about low water because I am constantly reminding hubby to water, it then you probably have more rain than we do.

    1. I dry them outside, inspect them for damage (separate the ones that need eaten soon), then store the undamaged in cloth bags that get stored in a dark cabinet in the kitchen. Hoping they last to December, I managed it last year. One year I stored them in the garage but the frost turned them to mush.

  6. Really good to know that January King should over Winter. Can't wait for the results come Spring.

  7. Everything seems to have been pretty successful for you - my potatoes hve all been eaten except for some that I can't seem to find which are in the ground somewhere - how can anyone lose their potatoes I wonder?