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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Potato Salad

Taking stock of my potato sack stored in a dark kitchen cabinet, I can see I barely have enough of the home grown ones for Christmas day. Now I'm thinking roasties or mash? And I may need to buy extra.

I think Irish and British generally have roast potatoes on Christmas day and Americans often have mashed potatoes. I love both. I haven't decided which to have. Do you have roast potatoes or mash on Christmas?

I can also see my potatoes are just starting to send up little shoots which isn't bad since they have been in storage since October.

Other areas of interest in the garden....
Above: Corn salad 'Cavallo' seems to be growing steadily and ready for some eating.
Above: Mizuna, an oriental type salad - the leaves can be harvested for long periods and look rather interesting as a garnish.
Above: This is the result of a seed pack called Salad Leaves 'Winter Blend' which contains kale, rocket, mustard and mizuna seeds; it was sown in August direct into the ground. It has been slow growing. The mizuna seems to be the strongest plant. But good to have salad this time of year.

Hope your holiday preparations are going well!

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  1. You could have roasted and mash.

  2. I love the idea of having fresh salad leaves at this time of year. I didn't sow mine early enough sadly. Next year!

  3. We usually have "Baked and boiled" potatoes on Christmas Day. "Baked" actually means "roast" though! We never have mash.

  4. Mashed. I really like the home grown potatoes, especially the Yukon gold. The reds did well, too, but the russets did get any size. I have mine in a cool, dark closet and they are sprouting, it I use them anyway. Have a Merry Christmas, Kellie.

  5. We have both, I detest mash but can stomach it on a fish or cottage pie. Everyone else loves it & roast potatoes are one of the greatest things ever,

  6. Both thanks to my lovely mum - yum!

  7. Very fresh looking potatoes! The salad reminds me of snow flakes!

  8. mmmm...roasted?
    I also have arugula waiting to be harvested. Have not any idea what to do with it yet.