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Monday, 28 September 2015

Flower Arranging From the Garden

Novice Class "From the Garden Shed"
The City of Belfast Autumn Flower Show took place this month with lots of inspiration on display amongst the flower arrangers. I particularly like the 'pastimes' garden theme they had chosen this year and the category "From the Garden Shed" for the Novice Class flower arranging competition.

Pictured is my favourite creation - wellie boots overflowing with flowers such as lavender, calendula, cosmos etc) and lots of little gardening items. Looks lovely!

This reminds me to add a few plants that are good as 'cut flowers' into the garden this year. Cut flowers are a great addition to any garden. There are numerous articles on the internet for information, including a 5 minute video by BBC gardener, Rachel de Thame. View Rachel's cut flower diary video by clicking here

Novice Class "From the Garden Shed" arrangement / display.

This is an entry under the Open Class, themed "A Pleasurable Pursuit".

Lots of events providing Autumn/Fall inspiration this month! It's great when fellow bloggers show their local shows, so do share!

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  1. Beautiful arrangement! So interesting!

  2. Even the photos give me inspiration, wonderful arrangements.

  3. I am currently assessing how my annual flowers fare as cut flowers. So far godetia and dog daisies have performed brilliantly and are long lasting.

  4. I always admire gorgeous flower arrangements like that, especially because it's a skill that I lack!