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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

VegTastic Display

Leek dressed to impress!
The temperature may be dropping but there's still lots of harvesting to be done... 

apples are ripening, 
leeks are fat and ready, 
lettuces are still hearting, 
fennel is going to seed, 
onions are being dried, 
and there's still beetroot, kale and lots of other goodies to bring to the table. 

Over the weekend I visited the City of Belfast Autumn Flower (and Veg) Show.  It was quite a small show but lots of effort had noticeably gone into it. Of course it was pouring rain the day I attended, but I still really enjoyed viewing all the fantastic displays. 

Here are some of my favourite photos, from the Northern Ireland Vegetable Association (NIVA) display - and what a lovely display it was!
Lots of herbs, veg, and fruit displayed very carefully by the NIVA team!

One of the NIVA members made a 'market cart' to display their prize fruit and veg, costing £50 in wood (excluding the wheels) and excluding labour provided in-kind. It looked lovely! 

Eye catching preserves, edible flowers and herbs decorated the top of the display cart. 
Congrats to the Northern Ireland Vegetable Association (NIVA) on a great display and what looks to be a great harvest year.

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  1. I'd willingly have that display in my larder!!

  2. Garden food really does make a beautiful display. I always enjoy the creatures that people create with food. The creepier, the better. You will be busy harvesting. We still have tomatoes ripening--amongst the weeds. They will soon end and then it will be over. I am picking them under ripe, letting the ripen on the kitchen counter then putting them on a tray in the freezer to save for making salsa. Daughter and I will make salsa next week--the only thing right now that makes the garden worthwhile. Soon it will frost and we get a break.

  3. Beautiful display on and around the market cart, it all looks so appetizing.I have not much to harvest, we picked the Conference pears and Gieserwildeman pears this week. In the greenhouse are still tomatoes and outside red cabbages. Furthermore various herbs. The dressed leek is soooo prettyyy, do you know we have leek tonight for dinner, but I´m afraid not from the garden.

  4. I just love when they make vegetables look so beautiful in display. Perhaps then children will be more likely to eat them? LOL