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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Loving the Autumn Colours

So loving the colours of Autumn...

this is such a fab time of year with lots of red, orange, and yellow, as plants begin their seasonal change and there's a distinct feel and freshness of Autumn in the air...

as Summer begin to fade and flowers die down...

and plants soon slumber over Winter, only to emerge again in Spring.
Dogwood Shrub looking fab with berries, and leaves and stems turning a deep red. This is a great Winter plant.

Sunflowers finishing flowering,  making seed for collecting and sowing in the New Year.

Acer /Japanese Maple tree leaves looking fab with their Autumn colour.

Hostas  looking a bit tired and tattered as they turn yellow and die down for Winter.

Carex Bronze grass looking very Autumn like (however this one looks like this all year round!)

Hope you're enjoying all the Autumn colour! 

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  1. Like you, I am a big fan of the Dogwood. Hoping that mine will be nice and colourful this Winter, after their heavy pruning earlier in the year.

  2. I do so wish I could see the Fall colors somewhere! Here in Florida, it still looks like summer, although the sky is a deeper blue. I love that Dogwood; such gorgeous colors.

  3. One of our hostas has decided to flower again

  4. Such a beautiful Autumn colours!

  5. Even the emerald isle turns color in the fall! It must be simply gorgeous there this time of year. Here the birds get the sun flower seeds.

  6. Autumn colors are so delicious that they practically make us swoon! The colors are just getting started here, it's a late season this time around. I still have lots of green in the garden. But we're expecting a frost tonight, so that will accelerate the change. I'll miss the lovely flowers, for sure.