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Thursday, 10 December 2015

December surprises in the garden

Even though our 'winter' weather has been very mild, I haven't been in the garden much over the last two months. Daylight is shorter and I suppose I've been caught up with other things. 

There still hasn't been a hard frost, so some of the summer plants are still flowering.

For example, the white flowered begonia (pictured) hasn't yet died back. This is unexpected for this time of year. 
A trailing Summer bedding plant is still thriving (above). I'm not sure, but I think this is trailing verbena.

Another begonia still in flower, albeit looking a bit shabby.

Another surprise - this azalea usually flowers at Easter. It has decided to flower now! This hasn't happened before.

Lastly - isn't Pampas Grass quite striking this time of year - especially against a blue sky!

Happy December! 
Hope your garden has brought you some unexpected surprises this year!

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  1. Indeed, winter is here far away too. That Azalea is wonderful but completely confused with this too mild weather, is n't it strange this kind of things happens more and more, the climate is definitely changing.
    Have a nice month of December!

  2. Yep, we have the same here in Hampshire. Many of the plants are totally confused. My white rose has just started to produce some more blooms, and the PSB which is normally ready in Feb / Mar is ready now.

  3. Here in the west, winter is stalking us. Windy today with snow on the way. The garden sleeps. There is always a bit green in the center circle: hardy thistle weeds and camomile. It will be --00 and the stuff will still be green. I am surprised at how mild your weather is gor being so far north.

  4. If it would only stop raining for awhile I could get out into the garden and explore but I do know we have some things that are out very or very late.

  5. It always amazes me when I see gardeners across the ocean have weather patterns that are so similar to ours. Although we have had several frosts and freezes over the past couple of months, we are now a good 10C or more above seasonal for this time of year. Good for the gardener but I'm worried my plants will be in for a big shock if winter arrives too suddenly.

  6. Funny that you are so far from here, yet we are having the same kind of mild winter. But we've had some frosts, so no begonias left for me. However, my pansies are still doing well. What a pleasure this time of year!