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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Name that plant...

Anyone remember the American TV show, "Name That Tune" where they played maybe 5 notes of a song on a piano, and a contestant tried to guess the song?

I often feel like I'm playing, 'name that plant' as I search on the internet to try to identify plants in the garden.
The first three photos are of a herbaceous perennial that flowers throughout summer. I cut it back about this time of year to get a second flush of flowers.  I have no idea what this plant is.
Any ideas what it might be called?

Suggestions gladly appreciated!
The next unknown plant is a shrub I call the 'bubble gum' shrub as it smells very sweet like bubble gum when it blooms during July.
The 'bubble gum' shrub?

It needs a good trim!
The next three photos are an unknown succulent type plant - maybe an alpine as it grows well in a very small crack in between metal slabs.
 It grows happily from a 1/2 inch crack. And the cold winter didn't bother it.
It's flowering at the moment.

Any guesses what this might be called?
Left: The last unknown plant gets white flowers from early summer. It self seeds around the garden. I'm not sure if it's an annual or a perennial. It probably likes poor soil conditions as it doesn't seem too fussy where it grows.

Any suggestions?

Another photo of same plant below.


  1. I think the first is a potentilla maybe this one
    The shrub could be a philadelpus maybethis one

    The third is a sedum - do the buds open to star shaped flowers loke this

    Don't know the last one though

  2. Sorry the link to the sedum is
    and the potentilla is

    You'll need to copy and paste the links as it wouldn't let me post direct links.

  3. All the flowers are totally new to me! They are really beautiful!

  4. I have no clue, but they are are pretty whatever they are. Someone ought to know.

  5. Thanks Sue for your thoughts (looks spot on) and the links/ You could be the 'name that plant' winner if it were a game show. Many thanks again! The first looks to be
    - Potentilla
    - Philadelphus (the shrub)
    - Sedum (the succulent)

    I always think its important to know how to care for plants and knowing what they are surely helps. I now know when to trim the shrub! Only the last plant to figure out now.

  6. Just had a flash of inspiration could the last one be gaura?

  7. Lovely flowers. But I am not familiar with them. Will like them to bloom in our garden here too.

  8. I see the cat didin't even know;, when asked, he turned his back!

  9. Thanks Sue, not sure if the last one is gaura, but will read up on it to see. All the best, Kelli.

  10. I'd like a smell of that bubble gum bush! Whatever its name is, I like the name bubble gum bush better :)

  11. Lovely blog and lovely garden! The first is Potentilla nepalensis Miss Willmott, the second is Exochorda macrantha The Bride, the third is Sedum album and finally you have Viola cornuta Alba :)