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Monday, 24 August 2015

Giant Sunflowers

Aren't sunflowers fab!  

I didn't grow sunflowers last year and I really missed them. This plant is definitely on my annual 'must grow list'.

I've tried various varieties like 'Teddy Bear' and the reddish 'Autumn Beauty' but the best sunflower (in my opinion) is 'Giant Single' Sunflower. They put on the best show, with their height and their giant, dinner plate-sized flower heads - very eye catching.

I started these from seed in April. They grew slowly but diligently all summer and now they're making a wonderful display. So cheerful!
I haven't measured these beauties, but they're on average 7 to 8 feet tall. A great plant for kids to grow too - who can grow the tallest!
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  1. We went to RHS Wisley the other day and saw they have a whole section devoted to Sunflowers - all shapes and sizes. They are not all huge and tall.

  2. Yes they are, I grew some dwarf ones this year though I wasn't very successful x

  3. Very impressive.
    I tried some dwarf ones this year but none germinated ,but some of the previous year's tall Black Magic variety self seeded into nearby pots of compost and have produced another good show after growing on and transplanting in groups.It's very satisfying to be able to grow a sunny plant in our cool northern climate.Must remember to put some pots of compost next to them this year!

  4. Your sunflowers are fabulous. I started some Giant Singles this year but they didn't do well at all, the only ones which have flowers are the dwarf varieties, still very nice though.

  5. The giant sunflowers are most beautiful. The last few years I have not grown sunflowers, when I see your great pictures I want to have them in the garden again. In the past I have tried them all,dwarf ones, Teddy Bears, brown ones but like you I like the normal ones best.

  6. I didn't grow any this year as I ran out of room but they certainly are a cheerful sight.