This is the journal of my endeavours to grow a range of fruit, veg and flowers from seed, grow organically, and my attempts to create a personal paradise with 1/2 acre of maintained gardens and 1/2 acre wild meadows. Northern Ireland's average daily high temperatures are 18 °C (64 °F) in July and 6 °C (43 °F) in January. Soil type: Clay

Friday, 7 August 2015

Harvesting carrot, potato, onion

Even though it was the coolest July in 22 years here in Northern Ireland.... this has been a good year for veg growing. 

My nephew is staying the Summer with me and this week we were out in the garden pulling a few carrots, digging up some potatoes, and harvesting a few other things like lettuces and onion. He loved digging potatoes, and is looking forward to this job again in the coming week.
Pulling a few 'Chantenay Red Cored 2' carrots for grating onto salad.

Potatoes are Pentland Javelin, planted in the ground on 21 March 2015. They have a very clean, light coloured skin.
The onion are Stuttgarter, planted March/April 2015. We harvested a few for salad and they have a good flavour.
The carrots are Chartenay Red Cored 2, seeds planted on 6 April 2015.
The green is a self-seeded fennel plant I decided to pull and add to salad.
This year I have a good selection of purple and green lettuces, however, I keep forgetting to take photos!

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  1. Nice harvest, This potatoes look so weird, but good weird. I like their white colour. Can they be used for everything or are they one of those "only baking/cooking" variety?

    1. Hi Leanan, the Pentland Javelin packaging says they're best for boiling and ideal in salads. I've baked some but will do some experimenting.

  2. These potatoes look very clean, nice harvest! So nice to have your nephew helping in the garden, I think he will like it and think of you when he is older and will have his own garden.

  3. Our potatoes have been surprisingly nibble free \- so far - despite the carrot devastation

  4. It looks good, my potatoes have been wonderful this year x

  5. It's always lovely to see children helping in the garden and hopefully, learning skills which will last a lifetime. I've grown Pentland Javelin in the past, they're a lovely spud.

  6. Lettuce is long past here, it's just too warm for it now. But I made the most lovely vegetable soup today, with tomatoes, onions, zucchini, carrots, and green beans from my garden, along with some other veggie goodies. Mmmmm!

  7. Lucky nephew. We may have potatoes; however, we have not dug any up yet. The onions here are done so they need to be dug and the tomatoes might ripen before the first frost. Our lettuce has bolted in the heat, so I admire your gorgeous selection of greens.