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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Aster & Fennel

I like mixing herbs, veg and flowers...

Variety: Bronze Fennel Herb. Perennial.
The fennel is just outside my back door. I haven't done alot of cooking with fennel. It's supposed to be good with fish, pork or veal. It's also supposed to aid slimmers with digestion of fatty foods (I better start making fennel tea!).

Variety: Aster Ostrich Plume Mix. Half Hardy Annual.
The asters were grown from seed in May/June (2-3 plants pictured in pot). The asters I planted in borders seem to have wilted and look sickly. Don't think I'd bother with asters again. (Aster wearing dog collar). Suttons Seeds, Cottage Garden Collection, 5 variety seeds, £4.25.

Half-hardy Annual means... plants are frost-tender; they germinate, flower and die all in one year.

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  1. Loved your update on the edible flowers! Interesting and pretty--I'd like to try some of them! Loved the "dog collar" on the asters; I've never seen that!