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Monday, 20 September 2010

Leeks, Spring Onion n Taters

It's Autumn and time to make stew... the cooler weather is the perfect time to make chunky vegetable soup! I love my big pot grown leeks and spring onions; I've been putting off using them as I like to see them growing outside the back door. My wheelbarrow grown potatoes had some scabs but are still edible (just don't look pretty)! I didn't get a very large potato crop this year however I'm still saving quite a bit of money growing veg - even with my modest yields.

Variety: Leek Musselburgh, Carters Tested Seeds, 350 seeds, 70 pence per pack.
Variety: Spring Onion White Lisbon, Carters Tested Seeds, 550 seeds, 79 pence per pack.
VarietyMaris Peer Potatoes, Homebase, 2 kg bag for £3.49.


  1. Your onions look so good. Container gardening looks like fun---I will try some here in Florida this winter. It is time to start planting here for winter gardens.

  2. Leeks?!! IN POTS?!! Why did I not think of that! Thank you so much for the inspiration - I am definitely going to try that next year.

    My mother-in-law gave me some small leeks she'd grown from seed, and I really struggled to find earth to put them in as I've got a weirdly shaped garden that's got too many shady patches. She gave me 16 and I only managed to plant ten, and chucked the remainder out. Yet I've got a big south-facing decking area that is ideal for pots, oh drat, I'm really kicking myself now as I love leeks!

    Your site is really interesting, by the way - it's lovely to read.

  3. Hi Kelli; Having visited your blog for the first time I am now really jealous! I'm imagining how much veg I could grow in all that space. I only have 10m x 10m to play with, so I have to plan everything very carefully. On the plus side though, I suspect that my weather conditions present less of a challenge than yours.