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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Some Things Irish on St Paddys

St Patrick's weekend is generally the time I plant potatoes, however, I'm a bit behind this year so perhaps I'll wait until Good Friday.

Looking over my photos I thought St Paddy's would be a good time to show a few photos of the traditional side of the island of Ireland - some of the scenery and one of the reason why tourism exists!

Left: signage in Ireland is often photographed. When my brother visited from the USA he loved taking photos of the different signs, symbols and words used in Ireland and Northern Ireland to describe things.
Above and Below: Thatched roofed cottages. Traditional cottages aren't as common as they were 20 years ago, however, they do still exist. The ones pictured are now part of a museum in County Kerry.
Sheep, however, are very common in Ireland (North and South) - the Spring lambs are a lovely sight each year!
Above: A 'motte' located beside what was Antrim Castle, dating around the 1600s, however the castle was destroyed by fire in 1922. The motte is now a viewing mount with corkscrew path leading to the top.
Above: Photo taken in County Kerry.
Photo taken in County Antrim.
Both coastal drives provide fantastic scenery!

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  1. Gorgeous photographs Kelli. I have done the coastal drive around County Kerry. It's beautiful.

  2. Lovely Ireland photos! Once I hope to make a roundtour over there, visiting gardens and of course the scenery of the landscape and the sheep.

  3. Lovely photos Kelli.. those lambs are adorable :o)

  4. Ireland is beautiful. I'd love to return someday. The history and folklore large so rich,the people friendly, and the gardens gorgeous. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  5. Beautiful photos, Kelli. I love both the North and South of Ireland. It is picture post card lovely! Sheep and thatched cottages are two of my favorite things. Happy St. Pat's Day, Kelli. I am making corned beef and Irish soda bread today!!

  6. Looks great but I've just got to convince myself about crossing the Irish Sea.

  7. So so beautiful!! I've always wanted to visit Ireland. If I posted pics of our traffic, no one would ever visit the DC area again!

  8. We have friends that will be flying to Ireland in October...looks like a beautiful place to visit.

  9. Lovely place, love little cottages. I'm giggled when I read St. Paddy's potato planting tradition. 2 years ago our neighbors decided to plant potatoes here on St. Patrick's day. It was the first and the last time they did it. Their potatoes froze, they forgot we don't have your mild climate :) I'll plant my potatoes in April.

  10. Such lovely photos - a beautiful place to live.