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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Garden Show Ireland Photos (2)

Just a few more inspiring photos from the Garden Show Northern Ireland last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 day event (I was there two full days!). On the last day I bought a few plants marked down. My purchases...

1 x Arizona Sun Gaillardia
1 x Early Sunrise Coreopsis
2 x Rudbeckia
(4 for £10)

1 x large sweetpea tripod for £10
Above: The lovely sweetpea display was a big hit at the show. I saw more people carrying sweet pea through the show than any other plant. Of course I bought one of the large sweet pea containers (the sweet pea was already about 3 feet) for £10. It is being hardened off this week before planting at the weekend.
Above: A great way to recycle, be creative and bring insects, bees and butterflies into the garden.
Above: A closer look at the carpet in the 'kitchen garden' (thought to be herbs) this is green manure of mustard and clover. Very clever!
Above: In one of the kids display areas, I discovered what looks like cress growing in little hand decorated eggs shells. Another creative idea!
Some group members who worked at the Plant Creche over the weekend to fundraise for our gardening group.
May seems to be the month for garden shows and events with the Northern Ireland Garden Show, the Southern Ireland Garden Show Bloom coming up on 29 May and the hugely famous Chelsea Flower Show starting on 20 May (and many others). I would love to go to all of them but two will have to do this year.

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  1. Lovely photos, I love that green carpet. How fab that you're going to Chelsea, I'm very envious.

  2. Wouldn't it be lovely to just follow the garden show circuit? My daughter will be forty next year and I would rally like to take her to the Chelsea Flower Show.

  3. Love the crate on the wall, my dad has one in his garden. I'm going to pinch it & try the same.

  4. Hi Kelli, I'm a little behind in my reading.....just read your last 3 posts. They are wonderful.What amazing ideas! I love the herb garden chair and the plastic coke crate. The pink girls bike about made my heart go thump! Now, I will be thinking about how I can get a girls bike and anything else ornamental that might look good in the garden. Happy GGBD!

  5. What an excellent show so different from any shows I have been to no wonder you went for two days -so much to see.

  6. Isn't the "kitchen garden" floor and chair a brilliant idea?! I love it!!!

  7. Thank you for bringing us along.
    Love the recycle theme.

  8. Hi Kelli, what a grand show. I loved the "kitchen garden" too and the recycled items and would love to own one of those tall sweet pea plants. Hope to see yours on your blog in future.